Security Check-In System

Our check-in system increases security in our children's and preschool departments and streamlines attendance-taking for our teachers. Follow these instructions to make checking your children in to UBC as simple as possible:

1. When you arrive at church, you will check in your children (babies through 6th grade) on a computer located in the preschool suite or in the 2nd floor hallway. Two stickers will print out. One sticker is for you to keep and one sticker is to place on your child. For babies through 4 years, place the sticker on their backs. For Kindergarten and up, place the sticker on the front left of their shirt. For babies through 4th grade, you will need to show your sticker at pick-up. 5th and 6th graders will be released at 10:20am. They do not need a parent to pick them up.

2. Each child, babies through 4th grade, must be dropped off by a parent or a responsible adult. Children will not be admitted to the room if they arrive alone.

3. For 1st-6th grade, Room 214 will open at 9:00am. Children may not be dropped off before this time. Before 9:20am, the children will be in Room 214. After 9:20am, take children to their graded Bible Study room.

4. Children's Bible Study is over at 10:20am. Pick up your child promptly so their teachers may get to worship.

5. Your child will not be allowed into any room until there are two teachers present. The purpose of this rule is to protect children and teachers. Our teachers will do their best to be on time, but if you arrive and there is only one teacher present, you will be asked to stay until another teacher arrives.

6. If your child will be attending KidKonnect (a special program for PreK and K during the worship service), you will indicate this on the computer at check-in. Four stickers will print out. Two will go on your child and you will keep the other two. One is for pick-up from Sunday School and the other for pick-up from KidKonnect.