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Sunday Mornings for Young Adults

Nearly/Newly Marrieds (Matthew Wallis)
A gathering of nearly-weds and newlyweds. We share experiences and help each other through the beginning stages of marital life with all of its excitement and trepidation. Looking to God to help us establish our relationships, we learn together. Some of us have recently added a new child, cat, dog or job to the family.

Adults with Preschool - 4th Grade  (Clay Ryan and Netanya Hudson)
Now that we’re in our 30’s, do we have to start acting like adults? Our lives are filled with careers and family. Life seems to have shifted into a higher gear. We are called to share this crazy life in a community. Joy shared is multiplied. Struggles are lighter with friends who share the burden. Join us as we navigate this stage together. We are in our 30’s (mostly) and/or have preschool and elementary age children.

Adults with Middle Schoolers & High Schoolers (Dan & Jillian Smith)
Relationships develop in community as we walk God’s path together. Here’s a place to be yourself, build friendships, share needs and celebrate victories. Generally, we are 40’s to early 50’s and/or with middle school and high school aged children.

Adults with Graduates & Grandbabies (Lee Ann Kelsey and Kim Davis)
We are in the middle of our career, 45+, looking forward to the next life opportunities and retirement some day. We pray without ceasing for our kids who are young adults. Looking to God, we know He will direct us in the challenges life throws our way.
Women's Group (Dawn Lane and Tracy Thompson)
Friendship matters, especially among women, as we journey through life. Connect Women is a safe, fun place where women of any age and any life situation come together for friendship, prayer and spiritual support. 

Rotating Bible Study Options
Come on a journey with a variety of ages and stages through God's word. You have six different Bible study options to choose from that put you in God's word and intentionally focus the group on the work of the gospel in and through His people. Join us to GROW in God's word!

Grow Sessions...March 11 – April 29, 2018
Maximizing Your Quiet Time...Are you frustrated that after years of personal Bible Study, you still walk away from God’s word not understanding what you read?  Do you want to engage more in Sunday classes but have no idea what to say?  Join us for an introduction to intentional reading that doesn’t require a seminary degree to understand.  Each week we will learn something new and practice it in the class, so you leave ready to try it for yourself.
Teacher:  Sam Parrish, Room 205

When Helping Hurts...Social justice compels us to deal with poverty.  Using material from Brian Fikkert and Steve Corbett, we will reconsider the meaning of poverty and try to understand why our good intentions may not be enough to address this issue.  How can we see God at work, join His work, and move forward?
Teacher:  Dawn Lane, Room 203A

Girls with Swords...We will use Lisa Bevere’s guide for this women’s study on how to walk in discernment, forgiveness, and restoration.  Learn how to carry your cross like a hero.
Teacher:  Sarah Brisco, Room 201C

James...This study will continue the Book of James and look at other scriptures as well.  We will compare these teachings to the Gospels and discuss what they mean to us today.  What do we take away to follow?
Teacher:  Crawford Johnson, Room 203B

The Gospel of Luke: Jesus Becomes King
Luke 22:54-24:53.  We conclude our careful study, noting how Jesus defeats the powers of religious authorities, the Roman government, and death and the grave to take up His rightful place of Lordship and authority in the Kingdom of God.  We begin with the arrest of Jesus and continue to His ascension into the Heavens.
Teacher:  Will McDonald, Room 201E

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Coming Up!
Presbyterian Night Shelter Game Night: The last Tuesday of each month, 6:30 pm
Churchwide Prayer Service: The last Wednesday of each month, 6:00 pm
Kid Power Camp: June 18-24, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Caroline Poe, Minister of Families and Education