I'm New

What will I experience?
Guests at University Baptist Church are warmly received after arriving. Parking is available on the north end of our campus, and there are a parking spaces available for your vehicle on the first row. Greeters will be at the door, and if it is your first time, ask a member of our team to direct you to the Welcome Center, where you can receive more information about our ministries and our worship service. We will also help you become oriented in our facility, showing you locations of our classrooms and worship space. Our worship service includes classic and contemporary worship music, ranging from old hymns accompanied by the organ to newer songs featuring the guitar, drums, and bass. We read from Scripture and seek Christ. Everyone is welcome.

What about my children?
Our children and youth ministries are excited to welcome new students. Preschoolers check in on the first floor in our preschool suite. Elementary age children check in on the second floor. Our youth ministry gathers on our third floor. Our environments are fun, safe, and each lesson is developmentally appropriate to help children and youth grow in Christ. Click HERE  for more details about our Security Check-In System.

How long does it last?
Bible study begins at 9:00am, and lasts until 10:15am. Worship begins at 10:30am, and typically lasts about an hour.

What should I wear?
UBC is a multi-generational congregation. There is a range of attire. Most commonly, people dress in khaki pants and a collared or button down shirt. Some wear suits or a jacket. Others wear blue jeans. Ladies wear everything from dresses or skirts to slacks or nice jeans.

Why should I fill out a visitor registration card?
If you visit a Bible Study or are with us in worship, you will have an opportunity to register your attendance with us. By providing your information, our congregation can connect you with our ministries and opportunities for Christian spiritual growth. You can let us know how to pray for you. If you fill out a visitor registration form in worship, drop it in the offering plate. We will be glad to know your name, and help you learn more about UBC.

When is the worship service?
Worship begins at 10:30am in our sanctuary, located on the south end of our campus. Most people enter and exit our building through the north doors, but you can also enter at our south entrance. TCU students, feel free to walk across Cantey and enter our doors. Greeters will be there to receive you.

How do I get connected to a Bible study?
Adults have a number of opportunities to join a Bible Study. We have age-group specific opportunities and intergenerational classes. We believe Bible study is a vital practice for growth in the Christian life. For more information on our classes, contact Caroline Poe.

How do I get there?